Planting Trees for the Future

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Mawhiang, EKH, together with NESFAS, joined the annul global World Earth Day Celebration this 22nd of April. The community came forward to actively participate and take a lead in expressing their interest in the plantation of trees to mark the … Continue reading

Bringing Back the Khneng

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She counts the thread of the fabric and works in a stitch to make a pattern repeated through the entire stretch of the ryndia, better known as the eri silk. Bliwtibon Mawa, 65, until recently was one of the last … Continue reading

Yams for the Future

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Custodian farmer Romiss Sh Sangma.

Photo: Daman War

At forty eight, Romiss Sh Sangma of Chandigre, West Garo Hills, hopes to pass her knowledge about the various types of plants she grows in her jhum filed and kitchen garden to her 6 children. “They hardly can identify 5-6 varieties” she points … Continue reading

Revisiting Chizami on Women’s Day

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  NESFAS, for a second time around, was invited to be a part of the International Women’s Day and Biodiversity Festival at Chizami, Nagaland, annually organised by the North East Network (NEN), a women’s rights organisation working in the north … Continue reading

Not your grandfather’s house, but maybe it should be

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Photo:  Khanjan Mehta / Penn State

Everyone wants a house to live in, and more and more, people around the world want the kinds of houses seen in Europe and North America, rather than those they grew up with, according to a Penn State engineer. However, industrial building materials are often scarce and expensive and alternative, locally sourced, sustainable materials are often a better choice. Continue reading


The Lady with the Magical Touch

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Kong Slibon Nongrum , traditional knowledge holder of Laitsohpliah.

It is a local belief that she has magic in her calloused hands. Seeds for plantation are brought to her before they are sown in the farms because seeds that she plants never fail to sprout and always grow to be healthy and productive. Continue reading

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