The Lady with the Magical Touch

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Kong Slibon Nongrum , traditional knowledge holder of Laitsohpliah.

It is a local belief that she has magic in her calloused hands. Seeds for plantation are brought to her before they are sown in the farms because seeds that she plants never fail to sprout and always grow to be healthy and productive. Continue reading

Curtain Draws on Pyrda for ITM Delegates

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“Quel que soit l’endroit où on se trouve dans la vie, on peut être heureux” – “No matter where we live in the world, we can be happy”, said by Mr. Sambo from Senegal after visiting Pyrda village of the … Continue reading

Bringing the Clan Together – Millet

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Bah Stephan Diengdoh, an elder taught the children a folk song on millet

  The children were the ones having the best time on the 5th of January when the 6 households of the Rani Clan of Nongtraw, Khatarshnong, East Khasi Hills District Meghalaya celebrated the annual Millet Festival. Traditionally celebrated by millet growing … Continue reading

On Land, Forests and Food, from Moosakhia for Mei-Ramew Day

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The community members of Moosakhia gather together for Terra Madre Day.

An environmental anthropologist and research fellow for the Indigenous Partnership, from Italy, Beatrice Del Monte set foot in Meghalaya in July 2015, to participate in and contribute to the Indigenous Terra Madre 2015. The conclusion of the ITM gave her … Continue reading

Terra Madre Day at Laitsohpliah and Pyrda

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  Laitsohpliah RCLP/UP School and Pyrda Holy Family RCLP School celebrated Terra Madre day on 15th and 18th December, respectively. These days were selected based on the fact that the final results of the school children were declared on those days … Continue reading

Wahsohra LP SSA School join in on the Terra Madre Day Celebrations

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DSC00147 (1024x768)

  To celebrate Terra Madre Day, the school children and teachers of Wahsohra LP SSA school – East Khasi Hills District, organised an interactive workshop on the importance of Seed Selection, Storage and their Usage followed by a drawing session on … Continue reading

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